Once upon a time in a galaxy very very very very very far away... There was a sexy little drag queen called Citronella Slutesque

Her planet called Japanic bored her to death and she wanted to take the long and hard journey to earth. She hitched a ride with the Aliens of the surf punk group Man... or Astro-man and got to sing with the Astro-men on tour.

The rest is history.

Citronella adored earth and decided to invade and absorb it.

She recorded a demo album called ‘The Best Of Citronella - The Artist of the Decade’ including the wacky hits:

Citronella loves

Caviar & Champagne



Los Angeles

The 80’s

Holographic Design

Alaska Thunderfuck

Sci-fi Movies



Along the way Citronella was spotted hanging out and performing with the B-52s, Nancy Sinatra, Spice Girls, Scissor Sisters, Cansei de ser Sexy, Krause & Gram, De Jeugd van Tegenwoordig and more...

Citronella appeared in the music video

‘I Want A Pony’ by Krause.

At the moment she’s gathering inspiration for new material to be recorded. Soon to be heard on earth and beyond!

‘Love - In Theme’

‘The Aliens Are Coming To Earth’

‘Can I Touch Your Moog?’


‘I Fuck Colin Farrell’

Amongst many others.

She became an electrorock’n pop drag queen betch and became friends with Tita von Deese. They started the hysterical duo FAG! HAG! and released the cult hit single ‘FAG! HAG! SUCK!’.

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Fun loving and friendly. Part time betch. Electrorock’n

Pop Slut.